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Steam City Crazy Ice Pineapple Coconut 30ml/120ml


Enjoy the summer experience with Steam City Crazy Ice Pineapple Coconut 30ml/120ml. It combines juicy pineapple and creamy coconut in a cool, tropical vaping cocktail.

Price in reward points:139

Flavor content 30ml / Bottle size 120ml

Dive into the ultimate summer delight with Steam City Crazy Ice Pineapple Coconut 30ml/120ml! Ripe, juicy pineapple meets the creamy, buttery texture of coconut, creating a rich tropical experience. The icy element provides a strong refreshment with every inhale, evoking memories of exotic beaches and cool cocktails. Perfect for those seeking a flavorful vaping journey to a tropical paradise!

This product is not ready to use as is. This product is a concentrated flavour and should be diluted with a base liquid (with or without nicotine) before using in an electronic cigarette.

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