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Joyetech EXCEED Box Battery 3000mAh




The Joyetech EXCEED BOX is a Box-style battery with great autonomy (3000 mAh) and one-click operation!

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€28.85 €25.00
The Joyetech EXCEED BOX is a Box-style battery with great autonomy (3000 mAh) and one-click operation! It will cover your all-day vaping habbits as it offers huge 3000 mAh autonomy with its built-in battery! It also features a button and a round, small screen that shows how much battery life is left. With only 67mm height and 41mm length, it hides in the hand. Finally, it is compadible with all atomizersup to 25mm width.

TWO OPTIONS The Joyetech EXCEED BOX can work either as a battery that delivers 3.7 Volts (Constant Output) throughout its life or as a Direct Output (Mechanical Mod - delivers 4.2 Volts at full charge and reduces the output voltage while discharging). To select the desired mode, three quick clicks on the fire button with the device open. The luminous line and LED of the display flash in the appropriate color (White for Direct Output, Yellow for Constant Output).

CHARGING LEVEL INDICATOR EXCEED BOXThe Joyetech EXCEED BOX features a clear charge indicator. The charging light alerts you when the battery needs charging so you don't have to think about it. The bars surrounding the Joyetech sign on the EXCEED BOX display range from 1 to 5. Depending on how many bars are visible we can easily see our battery level.

EXTENDED PROTECTION CIRCUIT Of course, EXCEED BOX locks, stops its operation and protects against unwanted clicks in the known way (5 quick clicks on the vapor button). It also features bottom gas leakage holes and dual battery protection circuit for overcharging, overcharging and short circuits, ensuring maximum operating reliability!

Easy USB charging The Joyetech EXCEED BOX battery has a USB charging port. This way you can charge it like most electronic devices with a USB cable plugged into a USB / Powerbank PC port or a wall outlet with a wall adapter, up to 1A.

Dimensions: 67mm x 41mm x 25mm
Battery Capacity: 3000mAh
Max Power: 50W
Available Features: Direct Output / Constant Output
Thread: 510 with spring

1 x Joyetech EXCEED BOX Battery
1 x USB Cable
1 x Instruction leaflet

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