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SteamPunk - Hada


We used dark-colored tobacco leaves dried in stone ovens along with black tea leaves to give a mild aftertaste ... Gradually they make ornate combined spices ...

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SteamPunk Flavor Shots HADA

Born in distant Mongolia and immigrated to Tibet. There she studied with indigenous people in the art of tobacco. She got her name from the initiation ceremony in tobacco cultivation where she created her favorite tobacco blend I used to create stone ovens with black tea leaves that give a mild aftertaste. Gradually they make ornate combined spices. Nutmeg entwined with cloves giving it spicy undertones, while at the end the distinctive aroma of cinnamon makes its presence felt. Travel back in time along with Hada!

Fill 40ml with the e-liquid base of your choice and you will get 60ml of liquid easily and quickly.

  • Packaging: 60ml bottle
  • Maturation: 5 days
  • Content: 20ml (PG concentrate)
  • Origin: Greece

*ATTENTION: This product is not intended for immediate use.
It is a concentrated aroma and needs further processing and dissolution.

The new SteamPunk Flavor Shots range consists of 6 genuine tobacco flavors.
The package is 60ml chubby gorilla bottle and contains 20ml concentrate.

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